Wood Fences

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Wood fences have evolved over the years and now come in a variety of styles and heights.

Normally they are around six-feet tall, and the slats are placed very close to each other with the main purpose being privacy. If that sounds too confining and privacy is not a priority, you may opt for a wood picket fence. They are usually much shorter and have wider gaps between the slats.

These work great for keeping your pets contained in your yard and are very attractive.

Our Fencing Services

We offer a variety of desirable new fences, fence gates and fence repairs:

Fence Company Near Me - Pinellas County | Fencing Services & Repairs

Vinyl fences come in many different colors, from classic white to Florida tan. They weather well in our area. We provide the highest quality vinyl fences for fair prices.


We offer several options for metal fences, including wrought iron fences and aluminum fences. We can even work with you to create a custom decorative design.


Seemingly out of nowhere, fences can be damaged by; weather, accidents, and even the heat. Fence Company Near Me has you covered for all of your fence repairs.

Fence Company Near Me - Pinellas County | Fencing Services & Repairs

We’re experts at all types of wooden fences, from simple pine stockade fences or custom-designed cedar shadow box fence, Fence Company Near Me can do it all.


Chain link fences are needed for all types of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. At Fence Company Near Me we offer chain link fences at competitive prices.


Add a gate to any existing fence or plan one into your new fence project. We provide single gate, double gate and even custom gates to fit every need.

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